Waiting for Hurricane Irma to Hit   Recently updated !

It’s all over but the waiting for Hurricane Irma. After the hustle of preparation, there is nothing to do but wait for the hurricane to hit Central Florida. We are now experiencing the outer bands dropping rain in the Orlando area as the hurricane makes a second landfall near Naples […]

Puerto Rico Day of Reckoning Is Here

SAN JUAN – People still applaud when their flight lands in San Juan, Puerto Rico. As one plane arrived, a passenger added, “Yo soy boricua” and the remaining passengers picked up the chant, “pa’ que tú lo sepas!”, an age-old chorus Puerto Ricans often sing in praise of themselves. It’s […]

Puerto Ricans’ Thorny Response to Hate Speech

  Hate speech is a thorny issue, as recently proven by the Puerto Rican community’s reaction to the social media video of Puerto Rican Alex Michael Ramos of Georgia who rioted with white nationalists in Charlottesville and bragged of his dubious exploits. When confronted with the news, many in Orlando’s Puerto […]

Puerto Rican Identified in Charlottesville Hate Protest 1 comment

A Puerto Rican man from Georgia has been identified as a participant in the Charlottesville white nationalist, neo Nazi, KKK rally that resulted in three deaths last week. According to NotiUno, a Puerto Rico radio news station, the man is Alex Michael Ramos. According to the group Atlanta Antifascists, Ramos […]

Puerto Rico Crisis Poses Challenge to Concept of Free 1 comment

Like the cookies that follow you around the internet after you’ve clicked on a website, the neon orange plastic garbage bags of Puerto Rico followed me around the island on a recent visit. Starting with Cabo Rojo in southwest coastal Puerto Rico, island municipalities are rolling out a recycling and […]