Puerto Rican Identified in Charlottesville Hate Protest 1 comment   Recently updated !

A Puerto Rican man from Georgia has been identified as a participant in the Charlottesville white nationalist, neo Nazi, KKK rally that resulted in three deaths last week. According to NotiUno, a Puerto Rico radio news station, the man is Alex Michael Ramos. According to the group Atlanta Antifascists, Ramos […]

Puerto Rico Crisis Poses Challenge to Concept of Free 1 comment   Recently updated !

Like the cookies that follow you around the internet after you’ve clicked on a website, the neon orange plastic garbage bags of Puerto Rico followed me around the island on a recent visit. Starting with Cabo Rojo in southwest coastal Puerto Rico, island municipalities are rolling out a recycling and […]

Brevard County Elbows its Way into Puerto Rico Status Debate

Brevard County wants to get in on the Puerto Rico status debate. County Commissioner John Tobia, representing District 3, has proposed a resolution to send a message to Congress to reject statehood for Puerto Rico, as if the island were anywhere near to obtaining the 51st star. But there it […]

Congress Likely to Ignore Flawed Plebiscite

A week after a plebiscite in which an overwhelming 97 percent of Puerto Rico voters chose statehood, the island is no closer to changing its political status, much less becoming the 51st state. Islanders and the sizable Florida diaspora were atwitter about the vote. Then an embarrassing  23 percent of […]

Rocky Year for Proyecto Somos Orlando

It has been the best of times and the worst of times for Proyecto Somos Orlando, launched in the aftermath of the Pulse nightclub shooting to provide mental health services to LatinX LGBTQ survivors and families. Despite community demand and successful fundraising efforts – Somos Orlando has raised over $230,000 […]