After Botched Primary Puerto Rico Plans Second Election

Puerto Rico is scheduled to hold a primary election this Sunday – after botched elections last Sunday. Not enough paper ballots forced precincts to open late, close early or not open at all. The result: only about half the island’s precincts voted, according to news reports. Politicians were foaming at […]

Puerto Ricans, Cubans and the Florida Presidential Vote 6 comments

It’s time to pay closer attention to politics. The November general election is fewer than 100 days away. The Hispanic vote is not so much up for grabs, but a slice of it is. Let me explain, and I’ve said this many times before – the Cuban-American vote will be […]

The Road to Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has again locked down the island to residents and tourists amid surging cases of COVID-19. Gov. Wanda Vázquez’s new executive order is in effect until July 31 – limited hours for bars, restaurants, casinos, even the use of beaches. The 10 p.m. curfew also remains in effect. A dry […]

Back to School – Or Not 1 comment

There has never been more school “choice” than there is today, but things were better pre coronavirus when there was only one choice – you just sent your kids to school without thinking much about it. Post pandemic, parents are bombarded with school options – should kids attend school, take […]

La Hora de Walter

He would be a major Instagram star today with millions of followers. He of the flowing capes, bejeweled dancer’s hands and blow-dried hair. He is none other than the late Walter Mercado, the Puerto Rican astrologer who was about much more than the moon and the stars. Watching the Netflix […]

GOYA: Latinos May Spend Where They Please 2 comments

Latinos in the United States account for $1.5 trillion of buying power and were slated to hit $1.7 trillion in by 2020, according to Forbes, if not for the disastrous effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Whether it’s $1.5 trillion or $1.7 trillion, it’s still a lot of moolah, greater than […]

This Fourth of July

To paraphrase Frederick Douglass, what does the Fourth of July mean to me? As a kid it was all food and fireworks, and to a large extent remains so today. Through the years, however, more somber thoughts have seeped in. This year, in particular, the Fourth of July is fraught […]