Hurricane Trauma Is Real

As Hurricane Dorian draws nearer to Florida, memes have popped up on the internet poking fun at the potential catastrophe. This is how we Floridians relieve the considerable stress of knowing that we may be sitting in the path of nature’s wrath, and there’s only so much we can do […]

Kissimmee HOA Is Run Up a Flagpole

Now comes the Rolling Hills Estates, Kissimmee, HOA before the court of public opinion: “You cannot fly a Puerto Rican flag outside your home because it violates HOA rules. You must take it down or be fined.” The Rolling Hills Estates’ edict has hit raw nerves, even if it’s technically […]

Puerto Rico Swears in New Governor Wanda Vázquez

After Puerto Rico Supreme Court Ousts Pedro Pierluisi as Governor Puerto Rico swore in a new governor, Wanda Vázquez, on Wednesday – the third in a week and the second woman to hold the post – after a Puerto Rico Supreme Court decision ousted Pedro Pierluisi, who was appointed by […]

Puerto Rico Bungles Gubernatorial Succession

Puerto Rico has a full-on constitutional crisis on its hands following the resignation of Ricardo Rosselló. The wrong person has assumed the governorship, subverting the laws of succession and assuring that the matter will wind up in court. Whether voters like or dislike any of the candidates in line for […]