My Promise to Orlando Latino Readers

well-hello-thereWelcome back!

As many readers know, Orlando Latino® has been on hiatus for nearly a year. I let the original Orlando Latino® lapse and returned to the real world of work. Unfortunately, because I didn’t renew the web hosting I lost my archive of many stories. Some very good stories, too.  Poof! Lo que el viento se llevó.

But it’s all right now.

Orlando Latino® is back in slightly different format and form. I thought I’d start out by making a promise to Orlando Latino readers going forward.

Here goes:

• This blog is about Latino issues and the Latino community of Central Florida. On occasion I’ll write about things that may have news value to the community.

• I aim to be as fair and unbiased as possible but I won’t pull punches either.  You’re probably cheering now, but if I touch a cherished subject you’ll be cussing me out.

• I’ll focus on the facts, rather than make them up as I go along (very fashionable these days). That means I’ll do my research.

• I won’t write about anything in which I have a vested interest. (I didn’t before but I’m just sayin’. Besides, my “vested interests” are few indeed.)

• That includes politics. I am neither a Democrat nor a Republican. I’m not pushing an agenda. I can see the fault in each political party.

• You’ll never read a story here because somebody bought an ad. A story published in Orlando Latino® is one that I think is worthy of your time, and my effort and space.

That is all. Time to get to work.  Oh, and if you want to keep in touch, subscribe to Orlando Latino®.


Maria Padilla

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