Monthly Archives: December 2015

Florida: 20 Million People and Counting

  Wow, Florida now has 20.2 million residents, placing the state after California and Texas as the nation’s most populous states, according to the latest estimates from the census. The figures are not too surprising. Last year, Florida surpassed New York as the state with the third largest population, which […]

No Debt Relief for Puerto Rico

    Millions of Puerto Ricans here and on the island were disappointed when Congress approved a federal budget without  bankruptcy relief for Puerto Rico to help manage over $70 billion in debt, leaving the island in limbo about what to do next. Looks like it won’t be until March […]

Court Removes Latinos from Congressional District 9

Florida desperately needed a resolution to its long and costly congressional redistricting, and thankfully the state Supreme Court delivered last week when it sided with the Florida League of Women Voters, which contested the Legislature’s plan. The Legislature spent $11 million to defend a redistricting plan that was too Republican […]