Monthly Archives: January 2016

Orlando Economy: Overcast with Bright Spots

The watchword for 2016 economic growth in Central Florida is “deceleration.” The latest forecast by University of Central Florida economist Sean Snaith calls for mostly less growth, compared with 2015, but with a few bright spots. Snaith’s report, delivered at the annual Orange County Economic Summit, stated it’s likely that […]

In a New York State of Mind about Ted Cruz

Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz will never live down his insult to fellow candidate Donald Trump for “embodying New York values” and then doubling down adding, “Everybody knows what that means.” The next day the New York Daily News gave Cruz the Statue of Liberty’s middle finger on its front […]

Powerball: Play a Little, Not a Lot

Here we go again. Another mega Powerball lottery week, only this time the jackpot has jumped to $1.5 billion, an all-time record. Go ahead and play – I plunked down the princely sum of $2, plus $7 the week before. But understand that it’s highly, highly, highly unlikely you’re going […]

Watch Out for Hispandering in 2016

The watchword in 2016 is going to be Hispandering, a mix of two words, Hispanic and pandering, that some research shows dates to 2002. What an irresistibly delicious term! In this heavy-duty year of presidential politics, some candidates will try to make a connection with Latinos, but many will stumble […]