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Donald Trump doesn’t own the Latino vote in Nevada or other states, contrary to his recent boast. /photo

Let’s get this accurate: Contrary to what Donald Trump said after winning the Nevada GOP Caucus this week, Hispanics didn’t vote for the presidential candidate. Or rather only a sliver of Latinos cast their lot with the flamboyant New York businessman.

Here’s la verdad. The numbers bandied about were based on an exit poll, which often are unreliable. The survey included 200 to 300 people, a small number by polling standards. The Latino proportion of that is maybe 100 or so, still more unreliable.

More important, Nevada Hispanics who say they are Republicans equal 16 percent, according to Latino Decisions, which conducts Latino political opinion research nationwide. About 55  percent of Nevada Latinos affiliate with Democrats and 29 percent say they are Independent.

“Assuming the entrance poll is correct (a very big assumption) and Trump won 44% of Latino Republicans, that means he was supported by about 7% of Latinos in Nevada (44% of 16 = 7.04).  What that mean is that most likely, 93% of Latinos in Nevada did not vote for Trump,” wrote Latino Decisions in a blog post (boldface theirs).

The Hispanic vote for Trump was closer to 11 percent of all Hispanic votes cast in the GOP Caucus –  or 2,600 votes, according to the firm. Solo 11 por ciento. 

Trump may be aiming his comments at upcoming primary states like Texas and Florida, where Hispanics are a sizable number of the voting population. He may be trying to muddle things – Hispander, if you will – to convince other Latinos to follow along. This after launching his presidential campaign by kicking immigrants – most of whom are Hispanic – literally to the curb.

Por favor.

Latino Republicans may indeed vote for Trump in the upcoming primaries, but that doesn’t mean the entire Hispanic electorate is on board. Such voters represent only a small number of Hispanics who identify as Republicans, which most Latinos in the U.S. do not.

˜˜Maria Padilla, Editor

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