Monthly Archives: March 2016

Rescue Plan Strips Puerto Rico of Authority

A congressional committee unveiled a proposal to address Puerto Rico’s $72 billion debt crisis – a plan that would impose a financial control board over the island, leaving little doubt about who’s in charge – Congress. The board – with the unlikely name of PROMESA or promise in Spanish – […]

Cuba: Closer than Ever

Barack Obama will be the first U.S. president to step on Cuban soil today in nearly a century. Cuba, just 90 miles off Florida’s shores, has always been so near and yet so far in American political imagination. Near enough for thousands of Cuban refugees to push off in rafts, braving […]

Central Florida Primary Results

  Here are some primary election night numbers for Central Florida to think about. All stats are based on supervisors of elections reports in each county. Osceola was Donald Trump‘s biggest CFLA win : 46.8 percent vs. 41.6 percent in Seminole and 39.7 percent in Orange. Marco Rubio barely broke […]