Monthly Archives: March 2016

Bernie Sanders Hires Local Hispanic Organizer

Bernie Sanders’ campaign recently announced that it had hired long-time Central Florida community organizer Betsy Franceschini as its regional Latino outreach director, sending shock waves through the Hispanic community. Franceschini, previously the head of the Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration office in Kissimmee, is a local leader and Democrat, having once […]

Marco Rubio Stumps for Primary Victory

Fresh off his overwhelming Puerto Rico primary victory, Marco Rubio came to Seminole County to rally voters before next week’s make-or-break primary. Several hundred supporters, a chunk of them Hispanic, gathered at an Orlando-Sanford airport hangar to hear the Republican presidential candidate speak. “It always comes down to Florida,” Rubio […]

Protestors Stand Ground at Trump Rally

Presidential candidate Donald Trump packed the University of Central Florida Arena Saturday for a rally 10 days ahead of the Florida primaries. The event drew protestors outside and a number inside who disrupted his speech. Several hundred protestors stood outside under a bright spring sun holding signs that read “Hate […]

Zika to Sting Puerto Rico

The Aedis aegypti mosquito, carrier of the Zika virus, threatens to do in Puerto Rico what $72 billion in debt hasn’t yet accomplished: Bring the island to its knees. The mosquito-borne Zika  may infect 43,000 pregnant women per year in Puerto Rico, according to the Centers for Disease Control. A […]