Congressional District 9 Poll Lacks Credibility

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Dena Grayson, formerly known as Dena Minning, is polling ahead of Darren Soto and Susannah Randolph in Congressional District 9 in which the three are running in the August Democratic primary, along with Valeri Crabtree and Carmelo García.

The poll, paid for by the Minning campaign committee Friends of Dena and conducted by Gravis Marketing, has Minning ahead by more than 40 points on Soto and an even greater lead on Randolph – although Minning has done virtually no campaigning in the district. Nada.

More important, more than half of those polled are undecided. All in a district that is 46 percent Latino and growing more so.

Congressional District 9

If Minning gets any recognition it is highly likely due to confusion over the Grayson name. She is recently married to Congressional Dist. 9  incumbent Alan Grayson, who is leaving his post to run for U.S. Senate seat held by Marco Rubio, who is running for re-election.

The Minning poll lacks credibility for other reasons as well. Pollster Doug Kaplan, president of Gravis Marketing, offers this so-called analysis:  “It appears that Dr. Dena Grayson is poised to win the Democratic nomination to be that party’s choice in the primary election, and she is doing so on her own merits.” (Italics mine.)

“Dr. Grayson has exceptional credentials to solve the problems and provide peace of mind to people who live in Central Florida,” Kaplan continued. Minning, who has never held elected office, is a medical doctor.

This is not polling. This is opinion masquerading as polling. And a clear effort to confuse voters.

As expected, State Senator Soto and Randolph, a former Grayson congressional staffer, ignored the poll.

According to Gravis Marketing, the poll sampled 554 registered Democratic voters in Florida’s 9th District from June 10 to 13 and contains a margin of error of plus or minus 4.2 percent. Published June 20, the poll was conducted using automated telephone calls and was weighted by voting demographics, according to Gravis.

˜˜Maria Padilla, Editor

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