A Message to Orlando Latino Readers


A memorial honoring the Pulse nightclub shooting victims at the Dr. Phillips center in Downtown Orlando./ Maria Padilla

I want to thank Orlando Latino readers for their mostly loving reaction to the story about the dad who did not want to claim his son, a casualty of the Pulse nightclub shooting.

This post has reached nearly 20,000 people and has been shared over 200 times. I never expected it to go viral. I intended only to draw attention to the social and moral attitudes regarding LGBT people and same-sex marriage still prevalent in Spanish-speaking countries, including Puerto Rico.

But I get  that the father’s rejection – even in death – struck a nerve with many of you, as it did with me. Many readers have shown an amazing sense of generosity, decency and spirit in their desire to claim or bury the victim. Thank you.

I cannot share any more details about the victim because I do not wish to divulge additional identifying details. I do not wish to cause this family any more pain. For surely you must know the family is in pain. Many of you may not agree. Let’s agree to disagree.

Please know, however, that this young man’s body was claimed, as were all the shooting victims. He had friends and other family members who loved him and celebrated his life. He is now resting in peace.

Thank you for reading Orlando Latino.

˜˜Maria Padilla, Editor

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