New Latino Poll Shows Broad Support for Clinton

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Hillary Clinton at a predominantly Latino rally last fall in Meadow Woods area of Orlando. /Maria Padilla

Pew Hispanic Research has published results from a new poll of political preferences among Latino registered voters and nonvoters, indicating broad support for Hillary Clinton. It doesn’t contain a lot of suprises but I’m posting some of the tables so readers can have an update. The poll was conducted between June 15 – 26, 2016.


Hillary Clinton has a significant advantage among Latino votes, one that Donald Trump may find very difficult to overcome.

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Contrary to popular opinion, immigration is not the top issue for Latino voters in general, although it may be for certain specific Hispanic groups – and this may differ in various parts of the country.  In fact, immigration is No. 4 on the list.


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Hete’s the most interesting finding: Latino support for Hillary Clinton differs based on English fluency. The more fluent in English, the lower the enthusiasm. Another fascinating finding: Millennial Hispanics greatly favor Hillary Clinton.


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