Political Hits Keep Coming

Randolph - Soto

Susannah Randolph and State Sen. Darren Soto, Democratic rivals for Congressional District 9.

The political hits just keep on coming.  It seems that Susannah Randolph’s campaign for Congressional  District 9 is imploding with bad publicity. Then the data dump of Florida Democratic  Party documents is chock-a- block with unsavory details about some local Democrats.

First, to Susannah Randolph, who in the last month is scoring  0-4, a development that in large part benefits her Democratic rival State Sen. Darren Soto.

This week, a former Randolph mentee Holly Fussell issued a thunderclap against Randolph heard across Central Florida. In a Facebook post,  Fussell accused Randolph of “being no champion of women” – as her campaign states – because Randolph was not supportive of Fussell’s allegations of sexual harassment from an unknown assailant while under Randolph’s tutelage. Fussell urged her followers not to vote for Randolph.

No word yet from Randolph.

In addition, Randolph earlier got it embarrassingly wrong about Soto and the 43 Days Initiative legislation to extend the reporting time for sexual assaults, approved by the Legislature. He co-sponsored the bill; she stated in a mailer that he opposed it. Victims’ rights advocate Danielle Sullivan later did a promo for Soto.

Then the Orlando Sentinel endorsed Soto, saying in part that Randolph is too partisan and wouldn’t do well in Congress.

Congressional District 9, which leans Democrat and is 40 percent or more Hispanic, is being hotly contested by four Democrats – Soto, Randolph,  Dena Minning Grayson and Valleri Crabtree – who face off in the August 30 primary. The Democratic winner very likely will be the next representative in Congress.

The seat currently is held by Alan Grayson, who is running for the U. S. Senate against fellow Democrat Patrick Murphy.

And finally, Florida Democratic Party data that was hacked earlier was made public this week.

It includes internal profiles of Randolph, Bob Poe and his investor relationship with Grayson, as well as Geraldine Thompson’s dubious financial dealings.

Poe and Thompson are Democratic rivals for Congressional District 10, which is over 20 percent Latino.

The info, which is not necessarily new, is likely to make oppo fodder.

–Maria Padilla, Editor

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