Monthly Archives: September 2016

Hispanic Heritage Month Blues

Ahhh, Hispanic Heritage Month, the time between September 15 and October 15 when people pay slightly more attention to Latinos because it’s “our month.” Not always sure what to make of this. Mixed feelings abound. That’s why you won’t find me at many Hispanic Heritage events this year. No singing […]

Univision Poll: Latinos Are with “Her”

Latinos are with “Her” – Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, that is – by significant margins, according to a Univision poll out this week. The poll, which surveyed Hispanics in heavy Latino and swing states like Florida (24 percent), Arizona (31 percent), Colorado (21 percent) and Nevada (28 percent), found that support for […]

Four Puerto Ricans Named to Island Fiscal Oversight Board

The seven members of the fiscal oversight board that will run Puerto Rico’s affairs were announced this week, and four are  Puerto Rican. The board – officially known as the Financial Oversight and Management Board for Puerto Rico – comprises four Republicans and three Democrats. They are the unelected people who will run […]