Univision Poll: Latinos Are with “Her”

Hill in Kissimmee 2016

Hillary Clinton at a recent rally in Kissimmee, which is heavily Latino.

Latinos are with “Her” – Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, that is – by significant margins, according to a Univision poll out this week.

The poll, which surveyed Hispanics in heavy Latino and swing states like Florida (24 percent), Arizona (31 percent), Colorado (21 percent) and Nevada (28 percent), found that support for Clinton dwarfs that of Republican Donald Trump. And support for third-party candidates such as Gary Johnson and Jill Stein is not as high as among the general voter population. Johnson and Stein, combined, are favored by just 10 percent of Hispanics.

For instance, in some recent national polls Johnson gets between 9 percent and 13 percent backing,according to Real Clear Politics. 

The poll, conducted in conjunction with Bendixen & Amandi International, is not too surprising, given that in general most Latinos lean Democrat. In fact, “three of every four Hispanic voters in the four states surveyed are unlikely to change their minds between now and November,” according to Univision.

Even second and third generation Cuban-Americans in Florida are more often breaking for Democrats, compared with more solid Republican support among their parents and grandparents.

Trump Antagonizes Latinos

But  from Trump’s very first day as a candidate in 2015 – in which he criminalized Mexican immigrants and spoke of  building a wall between the U.S. and Mexico – he has had an antagonistic relationship with Hispanics across the board – immigrant or not, Mexican or not.

Even after Trump’s visit to Mexico to meet with President Enrique Peña Nieto, he returned to Arizona to give a strident speech against immigration and “the wall.”

The poll did find, however, that Clinton’s lead among Latinos is not as wide as Barack Obama’s was  in the 2012 campaign. She is seven (7) points behind Obama at this time in the campaign. While that is a lagging factor, it is not an insurmountable one as the campaign opens offices in Florida and elsewhere and with about a month and a half to go before election day.

The Univision Poll


The Univision-Bendixen poll shows Hillary Clinton has a wide lead among Latinos in four key swing states. / Univision

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