Half of Florida Has Already Voted


Half of Florida has voted, but mail-in ballots continue to pour in and Election Day is still to come.

Half of Florida has voted, according the the latest figures by the state Division of Elections.

One of every three Florida voters or 30 percent cast an early ballot or nearly 4 million people, while another 20 percent have voted by mail  thus far. Mail-in ballots continue to flow in as, the deadline to receive these votes is 5 p.m. on Election Day.

The Division of Election figures include the two-week early voting period, ended Sunday, November 6.

The breakdown by political party indicates Democrats dominated early voting with 1.6 million votes statewide, while Republicans tallied 1.4 million early votes. 

In vote by mail, the Republicans have so far amassed a little over 1 million votes, while Democrats aren’t far behind with 980,427 votes.

NPA or no party affiliated voters are leaving a big mark and may very well decide the elections. About  800,000 voted early and another 500,000 have voted by mail, for a total of 1.2 million votes.

How the Tri-County Area Voted

Here’s a look at how Central Florida voted early county by county:


Early vote

Rep.  71,308

Dem. 118,242

NPA   60,251

TOTAL   255,112


Early vote

Rep. 15, 566

Dem. 30,479

NPA 16,063

TOTAL 63,256 


Early vote 

Rep. 42, 991

Dem. 38,942

NPA 24,760

TOTAL 109,269 

˜˜Maria Padilla, Editor

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