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A new reality is beginning to set in but we don’t know what it looks like yet except a lot of people are seeing red. /Go Daddy stock photo

A new reality is beginning to set in one week after the presidential election. The country appears to be poised to tear at the seams after a divisive presidential election filled with hateful rhetoric.

Here are some ironies and random thoughts.

The same people who rail about John Mica losing his congressional seat to inexperienced newcomer Stephanie Murphy say nothing about the entire country being run by an inexperienced Donald Trump-come-lately.

About 22 years ago Mica was a freshman congressman. We have all been freshman – in high school, perhaps in college. We like to think we all start at the bottom and work our way up, but that’s not true. Here’s a solid example: Trump, a man who has held no elected office, represents a special kind of dispensation, a special kind of affirmative action.

But it’s funny how things work out. Mica’s name is being bandied about as a potential Transportation secretary, allowing the 70-odd year old to spend many more years as a Washington insider, bringing home the pork we all hate, except when it’s for us.

Off to the Races

 The dust hasn’t settled and already Seminole people are actively recruiting a Republican opponent to run against Murphy in 2018. Although I disagree, here’s a true confession: Democrats, this is how you win elections – by recruiting early and often. But  I see in this shades of then Senate Minority Leader (now Majority Leader) Mitch McConnell stating that his job was to make sure Barack Obama was a one-term president. Obstructionism followed. A reminder to all of what McConnell said this past week about the GOP sweep, “Elections are not forever.”

• Republican State Rep. Bob Cortés,  just re-elected to a second term in Tallahassee, is one name bandied about to challenge Murphy. Cortés won by about 52 percent each in the two-county, Seminole-Orange House District 30, a respectable showing considering that Orange is decidedly blue. Cortés, of course, is Hispanic – Puerto Rican, to be exact. If he were to run for Congressional District 7, it would be a Trojan horse candidacy aimed at dividing the Latino vote. That’s exactly what happened when he challenged incumbent Karen Castor Dentel for his first term. The fact is, many Hispanics are eager to see other Hispanics in office and will cross party lines to do it. Hence, the promise of a Cortés’ candidacy to keep the GOP’s hope alive.

Flattery May Get You Somewhere

• To all the GOP people who say they’re not interested in running for Mica’s old seat: Stop it already. Just stop. It rings false. Marco Rubio said no to Senate re-election until he said . Plus, political flattery can make anyone think they can walk on water. Only the strong survive.

Vice President-elect Mike Pence has been elevated to be “the new Dick Cheney.” My friends, there is no comfort in that, no comfort at all, considering how Cheney and his inner circle got us into a bad war. Are they saying that Pence is Trump’s brain?


•  America almost went crazy this year because Malia Obama may have toked on a joint at a festival with friends. It blew over when folks realized, hey, Baby Boomers are legalizing pot everywhere. Oops!  But  imagine if Malia or First Lady Michelle Obama had nude photos all over the Internet as Melania Trump does? Would lightning and thunder ever cease?

• Europe: Spare me the lecture and condolences. I’m not having that from the Brexit people. Same goes for Colombia, whose voters nixed a peace agreement with the FARC rebel forces. Nope.

Thanks But No Thanks

Thank you but no, I ain’t wearing no safety pin on my lapel, meant to indicate that the wearer might feel in danger in this new America because of their religion, nationality or other status. The Democratic Party truly is bankrupt if this is the best Cong. Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida can come up with.

I know a lot of people who feel anxious, myself included, due to the election outcome and 15 months of Trump campaign smack talk. Will he really do this or that?  I’ll wait for the evidence. If you really want to do some good, go volunteer some place.

Stop the bawling already. The election was a true shocker, and for no one more than Donald Trump and fellow Republicans who expected a loss. But they broke it and now they own it. Trump is looking positively frightened – and chastened.

A recent news story stated that Trump told Chris Christie he didn’t expect to last beyond October 2015 in the GOP primary season. But he outlasted everyone – including 16 other Republicans far, far, far more qualified than he – and won squarely if not fairly. Don’t boo-hoo; instead, do something. Trump, in true fashion, won’t be chastened for long.

Reality Check

• To protest or not to protest?  It’s your Constitution-given right to free speech and freedom of association. Go ahead, if it makes you feel better or if you must. But protest without an end game or action is … bawling.

˜˜Maria Padilla, Editor

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One thought on “New Reality Begins to Set In

  • Peter Taoy

    Nice punches in your pieces.
    It goes to say, I ain’t ready to make nice with no one.
    Funny, most of my Trumpies on fb swore, they never want to talk or post politics.
    Now, like fleas, they are all over my feed, I wonder who let the “dogs” out?