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A Puerto Rican man identified as Alex Michael Ramos participated in the Nazi, Klan and white nationalist disturbances in Charlottesville.

A Puerto Rican man from Georgia has been identified as a participant in the Charlottesville white nationalist, neo Nazi, KKK rally that resulted in three deaths last week.

According to NotiUno, a Puerto Rico radio news station, the man is Alex Michael Ramos. According to the group Atlanta Antifascists, Ramos is associated with the Atlanta Proud Boys/FOAK, which stands for Fraternal Order of Alt-Knights, and the III% Security Force, which the Southern Poverty Law Center described as a Georgia anti-Muslim group.

Ramos’ involvement in the Charlottesville disturbance is proof that non Hispanic white men are not the only ones attracted to hate groups, even though many such groups are anti-immigrant and anti-Hispanic. This makes the current hate-group surge a more complex phenomenon, not governed by old binary constructs of black and white.

NotiUno reported that Ramos published a video on social media apparently after the Charlottesville events. In the video, Ramos is wearing a red tee shirt that states in big letters “South” and wipes his sweaty brow from time to time as he looks out the car as if he were a watch-out.

Ramos, who speaks with a slight southern drawl, said he is doing the 57-minute video because he wants people to ask him questions about Charlottesville. He claimed that he didn’t speak for anyone but himself. “I marched with them for one common f—–g goal – to beat back the f—–g leftists,” he said, mentioning Antifa, a loose group of far left anti-fascists. “They all ran away like little f—–g f—s.”

But the real reason for the video may be that Ramos is hungry for publicity.

Video Rant

During his video rant he comments on how many viewers he has drawn. At one point, he laments that he has only two viewers. “Only two?” Later the viewers increase to 13.

“I’m not a f—–g racist, understand?” Ramos says in the f-bomb laden, hour-long video. “I’m Puerto Rican.”

“I’ve done some hard shit in New York, you know. Born and raised in The Bronx,” he added. “I came from ghetto to non ghetto. It’s f—–g life changing, all right?” Ramos said most of his family lives in Puerto Rico, but he also has relatives in Florida, Massachusetts, New York and Philadelphia.

“Not a Nazi”

He asserted that he was not a Nazi or a Klan member. “If I was a f—–g Nazi, I would have used this,” he said, holding up a gun in a holster, for which Ramos said he had a permit.

At one point, he raises a U.S. flag from the back seat to prove that he’s not a Nazi because Nazis “don’t like this,” he said referring to the flag.

But Ramos, sporting a long pony tail and beard, then says he’s going “shave his head bald and look like KKK. … I’m a neo f—–g Nazi, Puerto Rican guy. F—–g carrajo, man.”

Brown Klans Member

He laughed as he said, “I’m the only brown Klans member I ever met.” And later he adds, “I’m not even f—–g white. I’m puertorriqueño,” Ramos says drawing out the word.I’m Spanish. I’m the pueriklan.”

Ramos said he knew a lot about his history. “I’m a Taíno,” he said, referring to Puerto Rico’s native people.

Ramos’ Wrath

He reserved most of his wrath for Trump, Charlottesville, the federal government and more.

Ramos accused the government of being corrupt, “especially the liberal government,” adding that Trump is intimidated by politicians.

“Hey, Trump, you called me a f—–g Nazi because I helped beat some ass. … They weren’t racist with me. They were cool with me. Somebody sprayed me in the f—–g eye and I got blinded for a few minutes. Who had my back? They did. … Trump, shut the f–k up, man. You need to go with the right or move to the left. Pick one.”

“Left Is Waging War”

He accused the left of waging war because the folks at the Unite the Right rally were peaceful, he said. “I saw it with my own eyes.”

Charlottesville was treasonous, he charged, blaming the city’s police for “allowing” a car to drive down a street and mow down anti-protestors, killing one. “That street was supposed to be closed off. … Law enforcement stood by and watched people hurt each other and did nothing to stop it.”

Ramos commented that he “was glad I stomped some ass out there, some f—–g antifa guys.”

Apparently, a viewer commented that he’s a “broken down car living in a trailer” and he answers in Spanish, “Mira, cabrón, cállete la boca, puta. Hey, I speak Spanish.”

Push Back, Not Questions

Throughout the video, Ramos received few questions but plenty of push back. He was particularly peeved at being called a racist.

He trotted out the old trope that he’s not a racist because his best friend “Joe” is black. “Everybody I know laughs when they hear people say I’m a racist.”

He ended the video tirade by saying, “I went there to defend my constitutional rights. I would do it again anywhere. You hit me up and tell me you need my help.”

˜˜Maria Padilla, Editor

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  • Peter Troy

    Thanks for the insight. Very disturbing, left me bewildered. Thanks for not identifying the site he used. I say, give his likes no more publicity. Good job on exposing this nut.