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Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer has been elected four times often with as few as 12,000 or so votes. / Buddy Dyer Facebook campaign

Here all together are my Facebook rants today under the title, “Things I woke up thinking about but don’t feel like writing a whole blog post about.” But I guess I lied.

1. It doesn’t take much to get elected mayor of Orlando, the third largest city in Florida. Buddy Dyer has been elected by the following votes: 
• 12, 442 in 2004 
• 24,181 in 2008 (40% turnout)
• 12,221 in 2012 
• 14,000 in 2015 (16% turnout) 

No wonder Dyer is “so happy.” This is not necessarily a rant against Dyer so much as a rant against voters for not showing up at the polls.

How many votes will get Dyer an unprecedented fifth term this November?

2. Latin America is on fire, ignited mostly by austerity measures, but you wouldn’t know it by watching TV news or even reading the paper. Read the British press if you want to know more. 

Demonstrations have broken out in :

• CHILE – A rise in public transit fares pushed the country to burst into flames. The conservative government is now tacking to the left. Chile and its pro-business president, btw, are the darlings of the International Monetary Fund.

• ECUADOR – The country cancelled austerity plans after nearly two weeks of protests led by indigenous people sparked by proposed increase in fuel costs. 

• PERU – The president dissolved the legislature in an effort to combat corruption by right-wing lawmakers. And BTW, Peru owes municipalities in Florida and other states an estimated $2 billion in bond payments, some of it to pension funds. Kudos to for writing about it.

• ARGENTINA – Austerity measures have plunged 4 million people into poverty under President Mauricio Macri, paving the way for Peronists to take back power. Cristina Kirchner is on her way BACK, this time as VP.

And last:

• BOLIVIA – Cries of vote rigging after leftist president Evo Morales was re-elected by 10 points in an election that was expected to be close. 

3. The U.S. reported the highest deficit in seven years: $1 trillion – TRILLION. But nobody cares about this anymore because the whole point of Republicans hammering voters about deficits was to keep Democrats from spending on much-needed programs. Once in power, the GOP busted deficits wide open. Where’s the faux outrage?

4. I like Pete Buttigieg but he doesn’t have a hairball’s chance of winning the Democratic presidential primary because he has NO black support. And African Americans voters ARE the base of the Democratic Party. 

Pete Buttigieg has a problem with black voters. / Pete Buttigieg Facebook

He may be polling nicely in all-white Iowa and all-white New Hampshire, but once Buttigieg hits South Carolina, it’s curtains. A recent poll gives him LESS THAN 1% of the South Carolina black vote. 

But the money crowd is throwing stacks of cash at Buttigieg, likely in fear of Elizabeth Warren. What’s likely to happen? Maybe a VP offer and/or Buttigieg and his buckets of cash become a powerful broker within the DNC.

˜˜María Padilla, Editor

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