Who’s Doing the Real Looting and Rioting?

What’s in a word? Now’s a good time to examine some of the words being thrown around in connection with the nationwide protests, most of which have been peaceful.

Words like looting and riot and thugs, weighted code words usually applied to public unrest. Words usually reserved for people of color. 

There’s looting and rioting going on in the U.S. all right – but it’s coming from the very top of this giant Ponzi scheme of an administration. This week Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin refused to state which businesses received over $500 billion in government-backed emergency loans.

In an appearance before the Senate, he added the administration would not reveal the names of the businesses that received Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) monies aimed at keeping workers on company payrolls. According to a report in Politico, Mnuchin said the data was “proprietary” and “confidential.” 

But there’s nothing proprietary or confidential about public money; government-backed emergency loans mean taxpayers will foot the bill. The lack of accountability is tantamount to a public sacking.

Early reports indicated that public corporations, the kind with access to capital markets, applied for and were awarded $1 billion in PPP funds. Some returned the money, or said they would, after public outing. 

Looting or rioting of any kind is a cause for concern. But there’s a lot of bias employed in the use of the terms. The U.S. Treasury Department is looting by redistributing trillions of public dollars to nameless companies at the top of the economic pyramid, just as surely as is the person who runs out of a Target with a flatscreen TV for which s/he didn’t pay.

˜˜María T. Padilla, Editor

Published on Facebook June 13.

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