Pay Your Overdue Traffic Fines

Charges are discounted with Operation Green Light, and driver’s license are reinstated, too. Many small and local governments couldn’t operate without the fines that its residents pay, sometimes for inconsequential infractions. The Ferguson, Mo., unrest – sparked by the 2014 police shooting death of Michael Brown – brought this to […]

Hurricane María’s Population Impact on Florida

In the days and weeks following Hurricane María in 2017, as packed flights arrived from San Juan, people wondered just how many Puerto Ricans had fled the island that was so devastated it couldn’t provide essential public services such as water and electricity for months to come. It was difficult […]

Latinos Provide the U.S. a Boost

More than 30 years ago a national news magazine proclaimed that the 1980s would be the “Hispanic Decade.” It didn’t exactly pan out that way, although it is true that with each passing decade the United States has become increasingly Latino. Contrary to popular opinion, that’s a good thing. However, […]

Hurricane Trauma Is Real

As Hurricane Dorian draws nearer to Florida, memes have popped up on the internet poking fun at the potential catastrophe. This is how we Floridians relieve the considerable stress of knowing that we may be sitting in the path of nature’s wrath, and there’s only so much we can do […]