Ready to Ship – ‘Tossed to the Wind: Stories of Hurricane Maria Survivors” 1 comment

Tossed to the Wind: Stories of Hurricane Maria SurvivorsBy María T. Padilla and Nancy RosadoPrice: $24.95 Available: and BarnesandNoble.comTable of ContentsExcerptFramed by the stories of Hurricane Maria evacuees, Tossed to the Wind is the gripping account of the wreckage, despair, and displacement left in the wake of one of the deadliest natural […]

Bloomberg Comes for Puerto Ricans

Driving to an event in Orlando, Michael Bloomberg, former mayor of New York and current Democrat presidential candidate, kept me company. No, not Bloomberg in person but Bloomberg appealing to Orlando’s Latino voter community in a radio ad. “Juntos vamos a reconstruir la nación,” he said. Together we will rebuild […]

Let’s Get Loud!

Shakira and Jennifer López Steal NFL Super Bowl Half-Time Show. Never read so much ‘splainin about a Super Bowl Half-Time Show. The show, starring Jennifer López and Shakira, was a super hit, but one that somehow requires lots of explanation for non-Latinos. Really, people? It was entertainment. It was a […]

Talleres de Bienvenida Go Digital

The Talleres de Bienvenida welcome workshops are now available on a digital platform to Spanish speakers. SOS by Urbander, which launched the workshops in 2014 to help provide orientation to Latino newcomers to the Orlando area, has recorded 24 videos on workshop themes – from how to enroll your children […]

Presidential Candidates Begin Appealing to Puerto Ricans

Slowly but surely presidential candidates are appealing to Puerto Rican voters via the Orlando Sentinel, with Michael Bloomberg being the latest. I’ll analyze Bloomberg’s campaign appeal later, but first here’s my commentary on Joe Biden, which the Sentinel published in December. Or you can click here to read. ˜˜María T. Padilla, […]

In Puerto Rico, People Say ‘Off With Their Heads’

Protestors in Puerto Rico recently set up a guillotine near the governor’s mansion, a potent symbol of a people fed up with the ineptitude of its political class, a group that appears incapable of ameliorating the mass suffering caused, first, by Hurricane María and now the thousands of quakes quivering […]

Earthquakes Rattle Puerto Rico 1 comment

Could Generate Higher Migration to Florida Puerto Rico’s population loss to Florida and other states had begun to stabilize when the recent series of earthquakes that killed at least one person and produced power and water outages rattled the island, sending some people packing for less shakier turf such as […]