Earthquakes Rattle Puerto Rico 1 comment

Could Generate Higher Migration to Florida Puerto Rico’s population loss to Florida and other states had begun to stabilize when the recent series of earthquakes that killed at least one person and produced power and water outages rattled the island, sending some people packing for less shakier turf such as […]

2020 Politics and Puerto Ricans

No sooner the new year got off to its firecracker start that questions began popping up about the role of Puerto Ricans in the upcoming 2020 presidential election. Which means we’re off to the races! The big question is, will Puerto Ricans in Florida play a decisive role in the […]

Cockfighting to End in Puerto Rico

Cockfighting in Puerto Rico will end on December 20, officially banned by Congress a year ago, a fact that has upset some people who say cockfighting is a cultural thing handed down from Spain. I have never attended a cockfight but plenty of my family members have, as the saying […]

El milagro de Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving Miracle I remember a Thanksgiving when I was about 7 or 8 years-old that almost didn’t happen. I recalled the general outline of the event and my mother helped fill in the details. I have published the story several times during previous Thanksgiving seasons, updating it each time. […]

Things I Woke Up Thinking About

Here all together are my Facebook rants today under the title, “Things I woke up thinking about but don’t feel like writing a whole blog post about.” But I guess I lied. 1. It doesn’t take much to get elected mayor of Orlando, the third largest city in Florida. Buddy Dyer has […]

Democrats Get Behind Puerto Rico Statehood

The Florida Democratic Party approved a resolution in favor of statehood for Puerto Rico at its recently concluded bi-annual convention in Orlando. “The Democratic Party of Florida supports the self-determination expressed by our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico in their quest to acquire equal rights by becoming a state of […]

Supreme Court Hears Puerto Rico Case

It seems unlikely that the U.S. Supreme Court will rule against Puerto Rico’s fiscal oversight board in a case that challenges its legitimacy and which the court heard this week. The stakes are high. The fiscal board, officially the Fiscal Oversight and Management Board or FOMB, was created by Congress […]