Will Oscar López Rivera Go Home?

Will President Barack Obama grant clemency to Oscar López Rivera? That is the question on the minds of many Puerto Ricans as the clock runs out on the Obama presidency. López Rivera, soon to turn 74, has spent 35 years in jail after a conviction on charges of seditious conspiracy in […]

Bad Economic Tidings from Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is back in the spotlight again with bad economic tidings and little holiday cheer. The island is expected to run out of money for its government payroll possibly in February, meaning Puerto Rico is broke for all intents and purposes. The annual budget deficit is expected to be more than $67 […]

Puerto Rico Wins Miss World 2016 Pageant

Puerto Rico won the Miss World 2016 beauty title. Stephanie Del Valle, 19, was crowned Miss World 2016 at the show pageant held this week in Washington, D.C. Del Valle is a student at Pace University in New York City, pursuing a degree in communications and law. For an island that […]

Worshipping the White Working Class

  I will not genuflect at the altar of the white working class. I will not pray to this new god. For I am the daughter of a woman who at age 14 strapped on high heels and slapped on lipstick so she could appear older and find work in New York […]

Remembering Pulse Six Months Later

Central Florida paused this week to remember the Pulse shooting six months later. Florida is known the world over for retirees, beaches and theme parks. To that list is now added Pulse, the gay nightclub in which 49 people were senselessly gunned down six months ago in the wee hours […]

The Two Wings of the Same Bird 1 comment

Puerto Rico and Cuba are the two wings of the same bird, wrote Puerto Rican poet Lola Rodríguez de Tió eons ago in a pean to the twin Caribbean islands. We are mirror images of each other except that we are not. Your star is on sangre roja. Ours on cielo azul.  We are cojitditas de mano except […]

New Reality Begins to Set In 1 comment

A new reality is beginning to set in one week after the presidential election. The country appears to be poised to tear at the seams after a divisive presidential election filled with hateful rhetoric. Here are some ironies and random thoughts. • The same people who rail about John Mica losing his […]

Did Latinos Vote for Donald Trump?

Did Latinos vote for Donald Trump? And by what margin? Pollsters are having a food fight trying to answer that question. Expectations were high that Latinos would vote against Trump in large numbers and this would be a major factor in Hillary Clinton’s supposed victory. Well, high numbers of Hispanics did vote and […]