Puerto Rican Migrants Prime Local Economy

  Moody’s Investors Services, usually busy downgrading Puerto Rico’s $70 billion-odd debt, issued a report recently stating the island’s current population loss, which is of historic proportions, is a boon for Central Florida, where Puerto Ricans already make up 12 percent of workers – even higher in some sectors like transportation. And […]

Orlando Voter Turnout Declines

  Official results are in for Orlando mayoral  and city council elections held this week and my prediction has materialized: a dismal turnout. In fact, it was down from 2012. Yes, down, as if it could get worse. About 14,000 votes got Buddy Dyer elected to a fourth term as […]

Día de los Muertos: A Day to Remember

I always liked the concept of el Día de los Muertos or Day of the Dead, when Mexico and Central America honor family who has passed away. It’s no accident that the Catholic calendar celebrates All Saints Day the same time – November 1 – and that All Souls Day […]

Puerto Ricans Spend 15 Cents of Every Hispanic $1 in Florida

Another way to look at the influence of Puerto Ricans (other than political) is to examine their purchasing power. Just how much money courses through the community’s vein which, in turn, boosts the overall economy? Information about Hispanic purchasing power is easy to find –  the Census Bureau reported it […]